Hi, my name is Vinu G, a lawyer-turned-artist with an experience of a passionate quest.

I am a self-taught Artist creating Art with an aim towards betterment of humanity and empowerment of creativity. As a lawyer, I observed that the system of life we build for ourselves lacked the basic element of creativity.  Creativity that gave me freedom to express myself.

Creativity can bring out the inner child within us. I intend to keep the inner child alive in all of us.

I scribbled. I started sketching what I saw. People. From friends to strangers. I made Portrait Sketches. I made friends. I started my journey. 

With an eye for details, my work includes making definitive portrait sketches, transforming ideas to designs, experimenting and successfully executing various styles of mural art, graffiti works, customized art as well as collaborative installations.

I believe my expressions are exquisite and unique.

I am the creator.

"I am univ"

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art!

– Leonardo da Vinci


The Artist got featured in ‘TFOD-The Future of Design‘ – a virtual platform for end-users to search and source design ideas, artworks, art and design professionals, products and services. Click to read more.