Vinu Sharma was born and raised in Ooty before moving to Bangalore to pursue a career in law. Finding the professional life as a lawyer to be stifling, he left it behind to follow his true passion, art. A self-taught artist, Vinu has spent the past 6 years travelling throughout India, immersing himself in different art forms and communities. This spirit of travel has infused itself in his style, at once breezy yet intricate, while the beauty of India is reflected in the bold colors and vivid imagery found in many of his works.

Vinu currently specializes in realism style portraits works and large-scale murals. The latter has been featured in cafes, hostels, restaurants and residencies from the mountains of Himalayas down to the marshes of Kerala, and any place in between where you will find those who have come to explore the real India. With an eye for details, his works includes making definitive portrait sketches, creative transformation of ideas to designs, experimenting and executing different styles of murals and collaborative installations. He is currently taking up art projects as a freelancer and is involved in working on paintings for an upcoming exhibition.